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Experience the magic of one of the greatest noodle soups in the world with this easy to follow traditional Vietnamese Pho L’amour cafe is made from scratch with the signature broth that’s light yet at the same time so full of flavour,

it’s infused with spices like cinnamon, star anise and cardamom. The soup is utterly addictive and every spoonful leaves you wanting more!

This Pho recipe has been in the works for a while now. It’s been quietly made and remade by various Vietnamese Pho L’amour cafe

What is Pho?

Pho' News
Pho’ News

If you’re wondering “What is Pho?” then you’re probably also wondering “Why is she so bonkers over it???” 

I don’t blame you. It looks like a relatively harmless bowl of beef noodle soup.

That is, until you take your first slurp.

The Pho soup broth is everything. It’s light yet full of flavour, deceptively beefy, savoury, complex, has the tiniest hint of richness and is filled with beautiful spices like cinnamon.

It is, without question, one of The Best Soups in the Milwaukee!

We’ve compared notes, debated furiously about how the latest iteration compared to the (many) bowls of Pho soup we slurped during our travels, and our favourite Pho restaurants back home here in Milwaukee.

We take our Pho very seriously. One of the greatest noodle soups in the whole world commands respect!

How to make this Beef Pho?

While you’ll need to man handle a considerable mound of bones and beef, I think you might be surprised how straightforward it actually is to make pho. It’s more time than anything – and a very big pot!

  1. Quick boil – Remove impurities from beef with a 5 minute boil, it’s the path to a beautiful clear soup;
  2. Scum – be amazed at all the icky stuff that comes out;
  3. Wash the bones to get all the icky scum off;
  4. Simmer for 3 hours – bones, beef, water, onion, ginger and spices (cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, star anise);
  5. Remove brisket  – some is used for Pho topping, see below recipe for ways to use remainder;
  6. Simmer 40 minutes further with just bones;
  7. Strain; then
  8. Ladle into bowls over noodles and pile on Toppings!
Pho' News
Pho L’amour cafe restaurant

Pho Broth Spices and Other ingredients

Beef aside, the rest of the ingredients in the broth are surprisingly straight forward!

The spices are toasted to bring out the flavour before adding into the pot. And the ginger and onion are charred to add a subtle smokey flavour into the broth – a secret little step that adds that extra something-something to make this pho recipe authentic and traditional!

How to serve Pho?

The classic way to serve Pho is with:

  1. rice noodles – fresh or dry;
  2. thinly sliced raw beef that cooks to a perfect medium rare when the hot broth is ladled over – see below for more information;
  3. piles of bean sprouts, Thai basil and coriander/cilantro on the side – help yourself as you eat the pho;
  4. lime wedges; and
  5. hoisin sauce and sriracha (or other chilli sauce).

Typically, the bowls come out with just noodles, beef and broth, then everything else is served on the side.

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