With full of love, enthusiasm, and effort, Vietnamese restaurant in MilwaukeePho L’amour Cafe was established in  June 2019 by Nancy Bach. It is conveniently located at 16960 W. Greenfield Ave Suite 2 Brookfield, WI 53005. Our restaurant is a premier and creative eatery that has been proudly serving your neighborhood for many years. Our mission has always been to provide high-quality food for those who seek skilled cooking and an exceptional dining experience.

Pho L’amour Cafe: From the esoteric recipe to the famous Vietnamese restaurant

The restaurant specializes in Vietnamese food and Asian food that many customers know. Nancy Bach, who has many years of restaurant experience, was the owner and operator of the restaurant. Especially, she is a professional with Viet Nam Cusine, cooking many featured dishes with authentic flavor such as Vietnamese pho in Milwaukee, Spring rolls, Banh mi, Vermicelli Noodle, etc… Nancy Bach combines family recipes passed down from father to son with classical training from a well-known chef.

Pho Lamour Cafe The famous Vietnamese restaurant

Then, Ms. Thanh Trúc, her best student, took over starting in 2021. Nancy Bach has passed on to Ms. Thanh Truc Vietnamese recipes for more than six years for the last time. Among recipes, some dishes have unique recipes with secret ingredients and specific proportions, which can only be passed down to the heirs. Ms. Thanh Truc is an extremely passionate and enthusiastic chef who always strives for diners to have the best experience with Vietnamese cuisine.

Our menu has an extensive selection of delicious tasty from fresh meat, beef, vegetables, shrimp, herbs, etc… We will bring all fabulous and attractive Vietnamese food to your table. The ingredients are carefully selected with the best freshness from the quality standard farm in the region.

Most prominent on our menu is Pho that mus -try when diners come to Pho L’amour Cafe, the iconic Vietnamese Cuisine. With a delicate blend of different flavors, pho explodes the taste and smell of people with the sweetness of the broth, succulent beef, and the aroma of green onions, ginger, anise, and cinnamon,…. The broth is the soul and heart of the dish, cooked by simmering the bones for many hours to get a natural sweetness that no other bowl can match. In addition, Nam Vang Noodle is the best seller in our restaurant, known as savory South Vietnamese Pho with many aroma spices and fussily marinated seasoning.

Vietnamese food in Pho Lamour Cafe

Furthermore, we want to share and elevate Asian cuisine in Milwaukee with dishes such as Chicken Curry, Teriyaki, Kung Pao, and Rangoon. The chef prepares all dishes with the same level of sophistication in processing and skillful use of spices to maximize flavor.

Asia cuisine in Pho Lamour Cafe

As part of our mission to “bring out the authentic taste of Vietnam,” we tell our story through food and service. When you visit the restaurant, you will be greeted by a welcoming atmosphere incorporating traditional Vietnamese elements. In particular, the space is spacious, decorated in Vietnamese style, cozy and straightforward to customers enjoining and relaxing.

Pho Lamour Cafe Restaurant

The restaurant staff is not too crowded but is always ready to serve customers with an extremely friendly and open attitude. The kitchen area is always clean, tidy, and neat, with hygienic processing to ensure absolute safety. Furthermore, we also have a large car park where you can come and try delicious food. So you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space anymore.

What was customer talk about Pho L’amour Pho?

We are pleased to give diners satisfaction with food, space, and service. The customer reviews below here:

Alex Joe: “Delicious food, super friendly staff, and everything comes out so quickly. When you go there, you are treated like family, and it is wonderful. I can’t even begin to describe the incredible flavors of their food. We go about once a week.”

Justin Nguyen: “The food was very fresh. The chicken teriyaki was cooked well, crunchy and tasty. The waiting time is short, so it’s a great option when you are hungry and want fast service.”

Peter Parker: “Great service, the atmosphere is very relaxing and beautiful. I came twice last week. I’ve had Pho, clay pot, SW1 Saigon Bacon, and lemongrass chicken. Everything was delicious and very similar to our favorite.”

Lee H: “One of the most pleasurable dining experiences I have ever had.  Awesome and very welcoming staff”

We are always available to serve you the best food and greet you with the greatest friendliness and sincerity. Come to us whenever you need a great meal in Brookfield. Please reverse by calling Pho L’amour Cafe’s hotline: 2622028018 or 4142490402.

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⏰ Open: 10:30 – 20:30

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