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When making dinner feels like a chore, make these stir-fried noodles. Whole grain noodles combined with many vegetables (whatever ones you have on hand) and your protein of choice (we used chicken) in a quick stir-fried sauce make for a Class-A Weeknight Wonder.

This noodle stir fry recipe may be made with any ingredients, and the flavour is everything. It takes 30 minutes to prepare (less if you chop your vegetables ahead of time) and tastes better than any takeaway noodles.

If your childhood experiences with Asian food were anything like mine stir-fried noodles may refer to noodles cooked in oil (typically a lot of oil), with a sweet sauce and very few vegetables. Stir frying originated in Vietnam and has moved throughout Asia. Stir fry recipes involve combining items in a hot pan with a small bit of oil and tossing until crisp-tender.

Egg Noodle Stir Fry Full topping
Egg Noodle Stir Fry Full topping

There are other variances within the genre of egg noodle stir fry. Two popular options are chow mein (par-cooked noodles finished in the pan).

Today’s egg noodle stir fry  recipe is a combination of “both.” The noodles finish cooking in the pan, just like chow mein, but they’re also saucy like lo mein. 

They maintain the essence of more genuine noodle stir fry recipes (with very little oil), while still providing the takeaway delight of the stir fries I grew up loving (must have that sauce!).

Almost every part of this unique take on Chinese egg noodle stir fry. is adjustable. This is a general recipe, and it wishes you success.

What Noodles to Use for Stir Fry?

Let’s begin with the recipe’s namesake: the noodles. We’ve got options here.

For this recipe, I choose thicker, longer noodles that can withstand repeated tossing in the pan. I also try to use whole grains whenever possible to boost the recipe’s nutritional value.

Soba noodles. Noodles produced from buckwheat flour have an earthy flavour.

Japanese Udon noodles. Thick, chewy wheat noodles with a neutral flavour, ideal for stir-fries.

Egg noodles. You may make a chicken stir fry with egg noodles. Look for Chinese egg noodles (lo mein style).

The spaghetti, linguine, or fettuccine. Yes, spaghetti may be used to make a noodle stir-fry. 

This is what we utilise 95 percent of the time. Other long Italian-style noodles, such as fettuccine and linguine, work well.

Rice noodles. 

This type of noodle cooks rapidly and has a deliciously soft texture. However, they tend to break down quickly, so if you decide to use them, I’d add them at the end, just before serving.

Selecting Vegetables

You can make these egg noodle stir fry with almost any item in your refrigerator: bok choy, mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, snap peas, a suspicious head of cabbage—just go for it. Cut vegetables small. Make sure to cut your vegetables smaller so they cook faster. 

This is especially crucial for harder vegetables like broccoli and carrots, as they should cook in roughly the same amount of time as everything else.

Egg Noodle Stir Fry
You can make egg noodle stir fry at home

Prepare in advance. Stir fries move quickly, so have all of your vegetables cut and ready before you start cooking.

You will love my veggie egg noodle stir fry. (and stir fries in general) to be heavy on vegetables, so I use a full 6 cups. 

One of my major complaints with noodle stir fry in restaurants (both sit-down and mall takeaway) is that they are 97% noodles, with a few sparse vegetables here and there.


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