THE S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken SECRET

THE S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken SECRET

Our restaurant offers a S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken for crispy skin roast chicken has long been a go-to meal. We had a hard time figuring out how to roast the skin in the oven without it getting too crispy. To learn our method and the key to roasting an entire chicken with crispy skin, read on.

When roasting a whole chicken, we always sear the bird first and then bake it in a very high oven to maintain the crispy skin.

 We’ve experimented with a plethora of different techniques, such as applying extra butter on top or beneath the skin. 

However, it only increases the amount of grease at the pan’s bottom. Our (now not-so-secret) trick is to sear the chicken whole before cooking it on all sides. Honestly, it does the trick! The skin is not wet; it’s crunchy. Nothing is left behind.

S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken
S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken

Using the proper pan while roasting whole chickens is the second secret. Let’s go down to the point: our first choice of pan for crispy skin is cast iron. 

Cast iron retains heat well and gets quite hot. Crispy chicken skin can be achieved by searing hot in our dependable, old cast iron pan. Just make sure the pan becomes really hot if you’re using a different kind of pan instead of a cast iron one. Additionally, once you’ve put the entire chicken on the pan to sear, don’t move it. Before flipping the chicken over to sear the other sides, let it form a crust on the skin.

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An instant read meat thermometer is an essential tool for roasting chicken. This will enable you to verify that your roast chicken is done through by taking its internal temperature. Additionally, it guarantees that you won’t overcook your chicken and get a dry bird. 

Furthermore, cutting into the chicken and seeing that the middle is still raw is the last thing anyone wants to do. Sigh! It’s a failure if everyone at the dinner party notices that the chicken is still uncooked in the middle.

 It has happened, we assure you. Having this useful utensil in the kitchen will prevent many overcooked and undercooked chicken problems. These are our top three picks for instant read thermometers:

fried chicken with french fries and nuggets meal – junk food and unhealthy food


As we mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to sear the chicken skin thoroughly. To achieve the first hot sear on the chicken skin, we adore utilizing our cast iron pan. 

The chicken is ready for the oven once all of its sides have seared. Obtaining that crust on the chicken preserves its internal liquids and gives the meat a moist texture with a crispy outside.

Include your preferred marinade. There are numerous flavor possibilities. If desired, you can place butter and garlic beneath the skin. However, use caution while doing dry rubs since the seasonings may burn the skin.

 To prevent burning during the hot roasting process, generously coat the top of the dry spices with oil if you plan to use a rub.

Prior to slicing, allow the chicken to rest for a minimum of seven to ten minutes. This will facilitate a slight discharge of fluids.

Gravy tastes fantastic! Save those fluids and turn them into gravy. The recipe box below has all the details for the S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken.

We enjoy roasting whole chickens as well as other chicken parts. It’s a very cozy dish, and the greatest part is that it makes the house smell amazing. See all of the baked chicken and roast chicken recipes we have here.

A reader favorite and a must-try for anyone who enjoys spicy chicken or sriracha is S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken . It is  the standout feature of this meal!

S7 Crispy Roasted Chicken  with Meyer lemon and rosemary: the flavors and aromas of these two herbs are delicious.

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