Lemongrass Pork Chop

This is such a great recipe for using inexpensive lemongrass pork chop shoulder in a novel and exciting way! 

The pork steaks are delicate, like fine chops thanks to the tenderizing effect of a tiny bit of baking soda mixed into a Vietnamese lemongrass marinade. Vietnamese street cuisine!

The lemongrass pork chop that is seen “everywhere” on the streets of Vietnam is something I’ve wanted to make for years, but my attempts have always ended up dry.

Pho La’mour Cafe wants to post the recipe right away after discovering the key to keeping it juicy! 

This pork with lemongrass is prepared in a variety of ways throughout Vietnam. 

Lemongrass Pork Chop
Lemongrass Pork Chop

In Banh Mi, rice paper rolls, soups, and rice. Though all are excellent, my personal favorite are the well-known bun thit nuong salads with noodles. 

Vietnamese “everything” is served with sauce, which is served with thin rice noodles topped with pork, pickled veggies, lettuce, lime, and a few peanuts.

Since I felt the marinated pork deserved more attention, We decided to publish it independently and published the pork noodle bowl recipe as a distinct recipe!

The pork rice noodle bowls are shown in this picture. I actually snapped this picture in Vietnam; it’s a dish I purchased from a Saigon street seller and brought back to my hotel so I could shoot a picture: Look! And mentioned the Saigon vendor. 

On skewers over charcoal, they grilled the pork. I’m cooking steaks on the stove at home. That means you can make this rain, shine, or shine, any night of the week!

Why you should eat lemongrass pork chop right now!

Outstanding value: It’s created using tenderized, inexpensive pork shoulder that tastes as juicy as premium lemongrass pork chop!

Taste and value combined: The beef is thinly cut and pounded to allow for maximum flavor penetration while using less meat overall.

With things you can acquire from your local grocery store, try something new but yet quite simple.

For a comparatively little work, the deliciousness factor is incredibly high.

Pork shoulder: This affordable, dense piece of pork is usually cooked slowly until it falls apart easily. We’re using it really differently these days. 

Cut thinly, then marinated in baking soda to make it soft, similar to an expensive pork chop when cooked quickly and thoroughly like steak. 

Enjoy Lemongrass Pork Chop
Enjoy Lemongrass Pork Chop

Bi-carbonate, or bi-carb, is another name for baking soda. This is what softens the tough meat of the hog shoulder, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.

For that distinctive, priceless, exquisite Vietnamese flavor, use lemongrass!

Limes: To add tartness. a beloved dish in Vietnam.

Sugar: To make things sweet and caramelize.

The saltiness of fish and soy sauces. To achieve the ideal flavor balance, I like to use both. Merely fish sauce = very fishy. Just soy sauce means there isn’t much flavor depth.

A lot of garlic!

Oil: To make the marinade more substantial so that the amount of meat we’re using is properly infused with flavor. The pork was very salty, so at first I just ate more of everything else.

How to prepare pork marinated in Vietnamese lemongrass pork chop ?

Slicing and pounding the pork as thinly as possible is the key to this dish. This fulfills several functions:

begin softening the flesh with your head. Lets the marinade fully permeate the fibers by opening them up.

Maximizes the flavor of authentic chargrilled street food by flattening and increasing the surface area of the pig!

Lets us to use inexpensive pork shoulder to prepare this instead of expensive lemongrass pork chop  or tenderloin.

How to cook Lemongrass Pork Chop
How to cook Lemongrass Pork Chop

To commence the pounding process, thinly slice the pork shoulder into eight pieces. If you have the correct shaped piece, you could chop straight down, but I find that cutting the pork at a 45-degree angle makes it easier to do this.

Pro tip make Lemongrass Pork Chop

Cut the pork shoulder in half, then each half in half again to achieve roughly equal pieces without removing the scales. And presto—eight pieces!

Using a meat mallet (the jagged side) or rolling pin, pound to a thickness of 5 mm / 0.2 inches. To avoid causing damage to the meat, cover with freezer bags or go-between. (Cling wrap is sold with go-between, a specially designed plastic sheet. Also helpful for freezing food stacks so they don’t stay together.

After punching thin lemongrass pork chop!

  • Marinate: Combine the ingredients for the marinade in a bowl.
  • Cover the pork Add the pork and coat thoroughly with tongs.
  • Transfer to a ziplock bag and let marinate for a full day.

Why not combine separately first? must make sure that the tiny quantity of bi-carb is distributed incredibly well and evenly over a sizable surface area.

What makes a ziplock bag appropriate? because it keeps the meat totally submerged in a little quantity of marinade.

Use a small container, if you like, to ensure the meat fits as tightly as possible, and toss the pork once or twice while it marinates.

Cook on high heat for 1 1/2 minutes either on your BBQ or in a hot cast iron skillet. Cook for a minute on the opposite side after that. It cooks quite quickly due to its thinness!

Aim for a great char; the sugar in the marinade will encourage the pork to sear rapidly, and that is the flavor we want—an true chargrilled taste.

EVEN MORE TENDER! Theoretically, after 2 1/2 minutes of intense heat, the thin pork should be overdone and dry on the inside. 

Moreover, the rough pork shoulder shouldn’t have been slow cooked, thus it should be extremely tough.

Not at all! Thanks to the baking soda (see the ingredients section above for more information), the inside of the pork shoulder is still moist and incredibly tender, beyond your expectations.

REMEMBER: When meat is tenderized with baking soda, the interior will still be pink even when it is cooked through. That is simply the case. The same is true with beef. 

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