Pho L’amour Cafe restaurant located at  16960 W. Greenfield Ave suite 2 Brookfield WI 53005 will be showcasing Vietnamese cuisine dishes of the Vietnamese Pho. This Vietnamese food Promotion will run from April 11-2022 (for dinner only), and will feature iconic dishes such as at 16960 W. Greenfield Ave Suite 2 Brookfield, Wisconsin crispy fried shrimp spring rolls, traditional pho noodle with beef, Vietnamese pancake and many more.

There will be three menus on rotation throughout the promotion. For appetizers, there are a variety of delicious, healthy salads such as chicken and onion salad (gao xeu phay), lotus stem and prawn salad (goui ngou sen), and seafood and glass noodle salad (goui miean hai san), which was my favorite salad of the evening. You can also find the popular fresh spring roll with shrimps and herbs here too (goi cuon tom).

Other appetizers include tender braised beef knuckle with marinated pickle onion (boo kho an kem kieu chua), which reminded me of salted beef. There will also different soups offered – during our visit, it was a light sweet corn and chicken meat soup with mushroom (sup ngo voi thit ga nam huong).

For hot appetizers, there will be prawn mousse on sugar cane (chaio toam) or watch the Vietnamese chef at the live cooking station make Vietnamese pancake (banh xeo), a thin savory pancake with prawn and beansprouts filling.

Moving on the mains, some of the dishes which we tried and enjoyed were the stir fried soft shell crab with chilli sauce (cua soat toong out), chicken curry (ca ri ga), Vietnamese braised beef with cinnamon (boo sot vang) and deep fried chicken wing (caunh gao chiean).

Pho L'amour cafre ' spring roll
Pho L’amour cafre ‘ spring roll

And of course, you can’t leave without having a bowl of pho. Diners can choose between beef or chicken broth. Here’s Ly Thong’ sister cooking our bowl of pho bo (beef noodle soup)- the noodles are topped with a rich, clear broth made by boiling beef and spices for at least four hours. Delicious!

For desserts, we tried an assortment of Vietnamese fruit candy, sticky rice dumpling with green bean syrup (cheo troai noouc), black bean sweet soup (cheo naau nen), jelly (rau caau), and coconut flavoured Vietnamese caramel custard (baunh ca ra men vi dua).

On top of all the Vietnamese dishes on offer, diners can also enjoy the rest of the international spread, including salmon sashimi, Indian cuisine, teppanyaki, Malay food, cheese as well as desserts.

Vietnamese food enthusiasts, this is one buffet worth checking out! The “Just Pho You” Vietnamese promotion is available daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm, until 20 April 2022.

For reservations, please call a dishe reservations at the address below:

 🌐 Website : 

Fanpage Pho L’amourcafe

 🎯 Address: 16960 W. Greenfield Ave suite 2 Brookfield WI 53005

 ⏰ Open: 10:30 – 20:30

 ☎ Hotline: 2622028018 or 4142490402 (Whatsap- Viber)

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