Pho L’amour Cafe’s Privacy Policy

Privacy of personal information is an extremely important issue in today’s digital age. There are many cases of businesses leaking information leading to consequences for customers. Therefore, Pho L’amour would like to offer a detailed privacy policy as follows.


Pho L’amour Cafe’s Privacy Policy


  • Range of information collection: Customer of our restaurant, orderer
  • Information collected: An individual’s data includes name, age, address, email, and phone number. Pho L’mamour Cafe collects from user registers or orders and other sources that users enable us to gather information.
  • Purpose of using information: We may use your name and email address to send you notifications about new services offered by the website. We may also send you service-related announcements as part of the service’s regular operation from time to time. You can opt out of such emails during registration or through your account settings. However, we reserve the right to send you account-related notices, such as service announcements and administrative messages, even if you opt out of voluntary email notifications.

We are committed to using all customer information for appropriate purposes, not violating the law, and complying with customer information privacy policy regulations. We make sure not to sell or exchange information with 3rd parties and dedicated to protecting all information on the Website. However, no data can be transmitted over the internet that can be 100% secure because of technically secure modes.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the information you provide to us will be kept completely secure and not held responsible in the event of unauthorized access to information. Your personal information as cooperative customers voluntarily share information with others….  If you disagree with the terms described above, we recommend that you do not send information to us.

In a word, make sure you read our privacy policy carefully to protect your individual data. Please immediately contact Pho L’amour’s hotline for the fastest support if you have any questions. 

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